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Fundraiser: Venezuelan AUB Medical Student

It comes to no surprise that Lebanon and Venezuela are both facing devastating economic conditions. This fundraiser has been set up by Young Central to assist a Lebanese-Venezuelan medical student completing his fourth year at the American University of Beirut.

Kamil, an accomplished medical professional and top of his class, has faced tumultuous times while balancing medical school and two economic recessions. This is his ask:

"I am requesting financial support to cover the living expenses corresponding to the last few months of my Medical Degree at the American University of Beirut. All this has been requested due to the fact that Venezuela (my country of origin) and Lebanon (the country where I am finishing my medical studies) are currently going through a very harsh economic reality. This support will be directed to cover maintenance expenses during the last ten (10) months of my career and guaranteed the successful completion of my Medicine studies.

I continued my professional studies in Lebanon, obtaining a bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, and currently finishing my studies in Medicine at the American University of Beirut. I have maintained a very good grade point average throughout all studies. As of June 2023, I started the fourth (4th) and final year of my medical studies. However, the financial support that I have been receiving from my parents has been very compromised as a result of the economic situation that Venezuela and Lebanon are currently going through significantly affecting my maintenance expenses (food, water, dorm rent, and stationery expenses) and which I require to satisfactorily complete my MD.

Recently my father arrived from Venezuela to Lebanon to support me in this endeavor. My mother and sister are currently in Venezuela since our economic situation does not allow us to live together. In accordance with all that I have mentioned, I am in great need of considering such help and thus fulfill my dream and achieve my goal of being a physician for the health and services of people who require it."

Let's help him continue his journey in medicine.

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