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Sustainable Eating

The Earth's population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050. There is currently no sustainable solution to ensure enough provisions for a population that large. One of the ways to ensure a sustainable future is sustainable eating habits. Below are three ways to eat more sustainably followed by our favourite recipes. 

Tomatillo Plant

Eat more plants

The planetary health diet is symbolically represented by half a plate of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Farming animals for meat and dairy is no longer a sustainable option as the space and water required exhausts our reserves.  The livestock industry alone generates nearly 15% of all man made greenhouse gas emissions. Our fishing practices leave our corals bare and 94% of our fish stocks overfished. If you opt in for seafood, make sure it is sustainably sourced. No one is telling you to go vegetarian, but we do recommend making more informed decisions. 

Food Waste Compost

Cut Food Waste

30% of the food produced is wasted. Whether it is because people do not shop for food nearing expiration or over-shop were unnecessary, many people throw food away. Food waste is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. If your local stores or supermarket has a clearance aisle of groceries nearing expiration, shop their selection. Reducing waste in your household is also simple: freeze anything you can’t eat while it’s fresh and, where possible, buy loose produce so you can select the exact amount that you need.

Beetroots and Berries Juice

Pass on plastic

Plastic waste has consumed our landfills, our oceans, and our households. Reusable bags help to reduce plastic consumption, so taking a tote with you to your grocery store or buying biodegradable trash bags greatly cuts consumption. While grocery shopping, avoid plastic wrapped foods (like an orange in a plastic container or wrapped cucumbers). The world relies on supply and demand; if consumers stop demanding plastic wrapped products, vendors reduce their supply. Who needs a plastic wrapped cucumber anyway?

the Recipes

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